Telemedicine solution


RemoteDoc is a securely encrypted solution which intermediates doctors and their patients. It makes the whole process digital. It starts with initial screening to sending the prescription. We use therefore a secure chat bot and video chat solution.

Instant risk scoring & scheduling

Software takes over routine operations

Automatic patient triaging

Secure data storage & transmission

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How it works

  1. Add RemoteDoc to your website, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp

    Contact us, receive the early access and register your office.

  2. Triage your patient with chatbot

    RemoteDoc will ask the patient some initial questions so she/he is prescreened. After he will be dropped or sent to you.

  3. Make an appointment

    The appointment can be done after successful pre-screening.

    Please use the App functionality therefore.

  4. Appointment

    You offer some open time slots. The patient can choose an appointment date.

  5. Virtual visit via Video Chat

    Instead of a real face to face, the patient can consult you via video chat.

  6. Next steps:

    Send your patient a summary/diagnosis. Transfer a virtual prescription. Invite your patient to another appointment.

    Visit clinic/ hospital or not.

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How RemoteDoc works

Advantages of Remotedoc

No face-to-face meeting with patients

Lower infection risk

Prioritize on the urgent cases

Make the appointment more efficient

Secure encryption


chat and video chat

Chat and Video Chat

chat bot triage

Chat bot → Triage

appointment calendar

Appointment calendar (Calendy)

The solution can be used by:

Medical Doctors
General Practitioners
Retired Doctors

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